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P  O  S  T  U  R  E     P  O  W  E  R 

pOSTURE POWER seminars

Book a Posture Power seminar! It is a fun experience and it will bring a positive and lasting impression on the quality of posture of all skaters.





postural Correction

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Pyonix • Posture Power

A better posture not only helps beginners but also advanced skaters. Our postural and proprioceptive expertise will provide an unmatched advantage to your training.

Our multiple associations with health specialists provides new tools to help correct your problematic posture and stance.

Take Posture Power to work! We have workplace posture training solutions to optimize your wellbeing at work.

postural correction

Posture Power has taken the figure skating postural expertise and export it to all sports.  Ask us how we can improve your health and performance in the practice of your favorite sport.



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Posture Power was created to help figure skaters with their specific postural needs. From skating, to spins and jumps, Posture Power brings remarkable improvements to all aspect of skating.

Golf Demo

P O S T U R E   P O W E R

P  o  s  t  u  r  e    P  O  W  E  R

P  O  S  T  U  R  E    P  O  W  E  R

Watch Figure Skating Posture Demo

Strocking Posture Demo