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Great performance starts with great posture and proprioception. We have solutions to help bring your performances to the next level. Our PYONIX athletic expertise cover more than 20 different sports.


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Great working habits start with great posture. We have office and workplace solutions to improve working habits and sitting posture.

Pyonix can help improve your posture and stance. Pyonix works in collaboration with health specialist to improve your everyday posture and well-being.

The torso consist of more then half the body weight. Including great postural positioning and proprioceptive control to high performance training is a clear advantage. 


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 we have unique posture and proprioception training that will bring new solutions to your specific needs.

P O S T U R E   &   P R O P R I O C E P T I O N

We bring our expertise and training aids directly to your club or business. The Pyonix seminars and clinics will leave a positive and lasting impression on the quality of performance and working habits of all participant.


PYONIX seminars and clinics

Pyonix training aids

Especially created to improve posture and proprioception, the PYONIX training aids are easy to use and bring incredible results.

pyonix International success

The Pyonix training aids and techniques are currently used in more than 12 countries bringing better posture and proprioception to athletes and workers from around the world.